Quick Evictions of Tampa Bay

This page will give you step-by-step procedure to follow in order to evict your tenant as swiftly as possible.

First: Download a  Three Day Notice, fill it out and deliver a copy to your tenant via 1) Posting it at the premises, OR 2) Hand deliver to tenant, OR 3) U.S. Mail.

VERY IMPORTANT:  DO NOT count the day you delivered the notice and give the tenant 3 FULL DAYS.  Example:  If you deliver the notice on Wednesday, the 21st, the tenant gets Thursday, Friday and Monday and the demand payment day is Monday, the 26th, provided there are NO holidays (check court observed holidays). Three Day Notice (SAMPLE)

Second: Download an  Information Page, fill it out.

Third: Fax your Three Day Notice, your Information page, and a copy of your lease to Quick Evictions of Tampa Bay at 813-322-0839.

Fourth:  Let us do the rest!  We will contact you!  Or, if you'd like, call us at: 813-732-5193. Cell 813-505-5655

Information Page

Three Day Notice

Three Day Notice (SAMPLE)

Seven Day Notice